Koreans and Italians - 71

On numerous occasions in lessons, students compared Korean people to Italian people, because of the ‘Food’ and ‘Temperament’. I could see no similarity at all, especially because my girlfriend is Italian. Having now spent 3 months living in Italy though (now we are married), I can now see many similarities between the two countries, although for different reasons to the ones that my students usually stated. It is not easy to compare two different cultures and even harder when comparing an Asian culture to a European culture, but there are definitely many thing the two countries share. So, what do these two countries have in common?

Korea  and  Italy share:

  1. Both have a high temperament and crazy, insane drivers
  2. A high use of garlic in food
  3. Plastic surgery
  4. Both are Peninsulas
  5. Big families are a tradition
  6. Apparent corruption in both governments historically.
  7. Preference in music (for ballads, melodic music and love songs)

Temperament and food between Italy and Korea

If we can generalise as a culture, then it is possible to say that the people in both countries are hot blooded and that both are sometimes hot tempered. From my experience in both living in Korea and Italy, this is true in many ways. I have seen many arguments in Seoul, the majority of them in the streets between drivers: Most often, bus drivers. Seeing a bus driver and taxi driver stop their vehicles so that they can get out and argue and spit at each other, is something I have witnessed more than once.

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