Tea Ceremonies and Traditional Korean Weddings - 79

A tea ceremony is undertaken towards the end of the ceremony and this plays into the hands of any Englishman. Drinking tea is a part of parcel of British culture. British people drink tea throughout the day and it is usually drank with milk and sometimes also sugar. The tea ceremony in the traditional Korean wedding involved the bride and bridegroom both Tea ceremony weddingdrinking tea from both cups, this process showing the future unity of the couple.

The dress code and the buffet were unusual. Most people were very well dressed, but some adults and children turned up at the wedding in t-shirts and jeans. The buffet was more even more unusual, in that I have never seen people eat so fast. After finding an empty table at which to sit, in the buffet section of ‘Korea House’, we collected some food, sat down to eat and opened a couple of bottles of beer. Within twenty minutes people had finished eating and were leaving. I opened another beer and went to collect a dessert, whilst simultaneously the waiting staff were clearing the tables and re-preparing them, for what I guess was the next wedding. By the time I opened a second beer and tucked into my dessert, we were one of only five tables still remaining.  Things in Korea seem to happen either very fast or very slowly. In the case of weddings in Korea, they are over in no time at all.

We were privileged to be able to attend the bride’s private reception later on, in a ‘Hof’. (Hof is Konglish for bar). With the bride's brother as the host, the newly weds played some games that, we were told, are traditional. The couple had to put the yoke of a raw egg, into one of their mouth's, and then the couple had to pass the raw egg between their mouths, as many times as they could. After about 20 times the bridegroom then spat the egg back into the glass. Next, the bride had to roll a hard-boiled egg up into one leg of the groom’s trousers and then down through the other side. Finally, the bridegroom had to hold a banana near his trousers and she had to eat it. Since the wedding, other Korean people have now told us that these games are not traditional.

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