Introduction and first impressions of living in Seoul, South Korea

First impressions of living in Seoul, South Korea

1. Funny Times with our South African friend in Seoul - Mixing up the letter L and the letter R can change a clock to something much more personal.Read more.

2. Becoming part of Korean wedding Culture - one of the easiest ways to fit in in South Korea is to get involved. Watching a traditional wedding in Seoul can be an experience.

3. Ever wondered where to get the best Dak Galbi in Seoul, South Korea? - We have the answer.

4. Some Ingenious Ideas. Great South Korean inventions and ideas. You think you've seen everything but you haven't you might be amazed at the things people think of designing.

5. Things can be quite different in a different country with the way of doing things not what you are used. Read the foreigners in Seoul, South Korea thoughts and coffee and McDonalds Korean style.

6. Korean people can be quite ingenuous and one story in particular from one of my students was amusing and showed ingenuity.

7. Shopping in Korean Supermarkets just like shopping in any country tells you a lot about the local culture.

8. Kimchi is not just a Korean food item, but it is a passion within Korea. Kimchi is everything in Korea.

9. Food in a country often tells us a lot about a country. So what exactly is Korean bread like?

10. Conformity is something which exists significantly in South Korean culture and affects every aspect of daily living.

11. Homogeneity in the Korean capital city of is something which foreigners will become aware of with the lowest number of foreigners of all developed capital cities.

12. What about being British, Canadian or American in Seoul and South Korea?

13. The 386 Generation and the South Korea and America relationship - More Korean culture, the 386 generation and international relations.

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