Books about Seoul and South Korea

A lot of books have been written and keep being written on Korea. We have divided them according to their subject and we will keep updating our list. If you have any suggestions on books on Korea we should include, please email us on paul (at) We divided the books on Korea into the following categories:

Books on Korean history and politics – including history from the prehistoric age up to contemporary history and military history of North and South Korea. This section View of Seoul from Yook-Sam buildingalso includes books on politics and economics.

Korean culture customs and traditions and way of life – books on everything you need to know about Korean traditions, etiquette, customs and beliefs. Also, useful books with advice for those who wish to live and work in Korea or make business with Koreans. This section also includes books on Korean language.

Books on Korean arts, crafts and cuisine – including books on Korean visual arts, cinema, music, dance, poetry, architecture and crafts. Everything you need to know on the best things that Korean culture produces and produced.

Korea travel guides and travel books about Korea – including books with the information you need to organise your trip to Korea and small dictionaries or Korean phrase books. This section also includes travel books written about Korea, to give you an insight into Korea from those who have already been there.

Remember though, our favourite book is the book on Living in Seoul, Korea and it is readable online. Why not read this book on South Korea!

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