Korean meat, fish, poultry and speciality dishes

Korean meat and Poultry food

Some of the most popular Korean meat and poultry foods are dicusssed below.

Bulgogi – this is beef marinated in soy sauce, garlic, sesame oil and sugar and then cooked on a grill. If you eat this dish in a restaurant, the grill is usually in the middle of the Bulgogi image, Korean foodtable and it cooks in front of the diners who share it. Bulgogi is pne of my personal favourite foods. Bulgogi is a simply but tasty dish, and one which is popular with Westerners.

Sogogi dup bap – beef with vegetables and spices, served with steamed rice.

Galbi – beef or pork ribs, cooked on a charcoal stove, in the middle of the table. Galbi is usually served with kaennip (perilla leaves, often translated as sesame leaves) in which the diners wrap the pieces of meat, adding, if they want, rice, doenjang, chilli paste or salt

Dak Galbi – dak galbi is a Korean dish similar to galbi, but made with chicken. The chicken is cooked on a hot dish in the middle of the table with vegetables (sweet potatoes, carrots etc.), chilli paste and spices. When there is only a small amount of chicken left on the hot plate, the diners can ask the waiter to add rice, noodle or ttok.

Hoe – the Korean version of Japanese sashimi, this is raw fish sliced and eaten with wasabi (Japanese horseradish) sauce or gochujang sauce.

Sannakji – live small octopus, cut up and eaten alive, while still moving and seasoned with sesame oil. We personally never tried it. Sannakji has become famous worldwide thanks to a scene in the Korean film Old Boy, in which the main character eats it.

Eating dog meat in Korea

Selling dog meat has become illegal in Korea. However, some restaurants still serve a soup made with dog meat, called bosintang. Not many Koreans nowadays eat dog meat, only older men who think that dog meat improves stamina.
Not every dog is killed for its meat! The only dog that is eaten is a particular race called nureong. Among young people, the consumption of dog meat is becoming increasingly unpopular and the idea that all Koreans eat dog is largely a misconception.

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