Books on Korean Culture, customs and tradition

Below are listed some of our favourite books which have been written about Seoul and South Korean culture.

Living in Seoul: A Westerns Perspective

Living in Seoul: A Westerns Perspective after 2 years in Seoul, South Korea - by Paul Symonds. This book was written by Paul who was a teacher of business English in Gangnam (Kangnam) Seoul, South Korea for 2 years. He taught 1-to-1, with students ranging from A Korean Culture bookbusiness people, TV presenters, ex-athletes, teenagers, CEO's and more. Paul covers a wide range of subjects, covered in over 20 chapters. You can also read this South Korean Culture book online now.

Culture Shock: Korea

Culture Shock: Korea (Culture Shock Series) - by Sonja Vegdahl Hur & B.Seunghua Hur.

Culture Shock Korea is a complete book on Korean customs, etiquette and traditions. This book is something you must have if you wish to live in Korea and understand their culture, make business with Koreans or even if you are just interested in other cultures and ways of living. Publisher: Graphic Arts Center Pub Co. ISBN-13: 978-1558681071

Roadmap to Korean

Roadmap to Korean - By Richard Harris. In this book on Korean language, the author explains the history, culture and linguistic structure of Korean. The advantage of this book is that it explains the difficulties of learning Korean from the point of view of English speakers. Publisher: Hollym International Corporation. ISBN-13: 978-1565911871

An Introduction to Korean Culture

An Introduction to Korean Culture - by Andrew C. Nahm and John H. Koo. This book focuses on many aspects of Korean culture, both modern and traditional. This provides and overall introduction to Korean culture and the book is easy to read. There is an extensive bibliography at the end of the book for those who wish to know more about some particular topics. Publisher: Hollym International Corp. ISBN-13: 978-1565910867

Also experience Korean culture with the Seoul nightlife and bright lights. Also read travel guides on South Korea to learn about the basics before arriving in the country - to make the most of your trip. Also interested in Barcelona culture and Dubai culture for more world travel ideas and experiences.

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