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Korean food and restauarants

With such a passion for food, it was no surprise when I also heard Koreans using some Konglish for the food industry. There are some interesting expressions, such as the expression ‘family restaurant’. The meaning of this in English is most closely translates as ‘Western style restaurant’. If a Korean is going to the American owned restaurant Bennigan’s or the Australian style ‘Outback Steakhouse’, they are described in Konglish as ‘Family restaurants’, even though Koreans also take their families to Korean restaurants just the same for food.

Another word and one of the first words a foreigner probably learns is the word ‘service’, when out eating Korean food. Used in restaurants it means ‘freebie’ and you get offered service fairly In a Korean restaurant in Seouloften, perhaps more so, as a foreigner than a Korean. Korean people are often keen to impress and are generally very kind and this results in ‘service’ at some restaurants. Maybe I was just lucky, I am not sure.

The words ‘Family’ and ‘Families’ can also be very confusing at first, in conversations with a Korean. In Konglish one can have more than one family. The idea is that, if you are married for example, you have your wife’s or husband’s family, and then you have your own family i.e. your own mother, father, sister etc. In English, one person would have one family, with these people being your direct family. For example, in English you would have one family consisting of your parents, siblings, grandparents, aunties and uncles, cousins and in-laws etc.

On introduction or in an interview, a Korean will also often usually say something such as, “I have four members in my family - My mother, my father, my younger sister and myself”. This kind of expression is extremely common in Konglish. In comparison, in English, one would say something like, “I live with my parents and younger sister”. ‘Members’ is used often out of context such as for family or co-workers, rather than members of a club or association as in English.

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