Seoul International Marathon

Seoul International Marathon in South Korea normally take place in the month of MARCH each year and tends to start at 8am.

Location: Sejong-ro Intersection in Seoul.

Image of Gangnam in Seoul, KoreaFinish: Olympic Stadium, Seoul.

Number of runners: Approx. 30,000.

Distance: 42km.

Official Website: Seoul International Marathon website.

Entry Fee: Forty thousand won (approx £20 or USD40).

To enter the marathon you must be at least 18 years old on race day and you are expected to run the Seoul marathon within 5 hours. You can call the organisers on Tel : 82-2-2020-0708 or email them at:

Do not forget to also start your training early so that you are well prepared and fit for March.

If you are an avid marathon runner, some other marathons we have tried around the world and which we try and attend each year:

  • Spain - Barcelona Marathon which takes you through the heart of the centre of one of Spain's most beautiful cities.
  • The world famous London Marathon and a run through the streets and past the London Eye and the Thames River.

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