The National Museum of Korea, Seoul

The National Museum of Korea, established in 1945, has been recently relocated (2005) in a new building in Yongsan Family Park, in Seoul. The National Museum of Korea is the biggest museum in Asia and it hosts a big collection of Korean art pieces and crafts, as well as items from other Asian countries. The museum collection is made up by more than 150,000 pieces and about 11,000 pieces can be exhibited at any one time.

The National Museum of Korea – layout

The National Museum of Korea, in Seoul, is made up by three floors:

The first floor contains the Archaeological Gallery with artefacts from the Palaeolithic to Gold earrings in the National Museumthe Balhae Era and it also contains the Historical Gallery, which hosts historical documents.

On the second floor there are the Fine Arts Gallery and the Donation Gallery. The fine Arts Gallery hosts four rooms (Painting room, Calligraphy Room, Buddhist Paintings Room and Wooden Craft Room) with Korean art items. In the Donation Gallery there are artefacts of Korean and non-Korean art, donated by private collectors.

The third floor contains the Fine Arts Gallery II with Korean Buddhist sculpture and craftwork. The third floor of the National Museum of Korea also contains the Asian Arts Gallery, dedicated to arts and crafts from other Asian countries.

The National Museum of Korea – getting there

The National Museum of Korea’s address is: 168-6 Yongsan-dong 6 ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea, 140-026 and the closest subway station is Ichon station on line number 4 of the underground or Jungang Line. Once at Ichon station, take exit 2 and walk for 150 metres towards Yongsan Family Park.

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