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Nightlife in Seoul, South Korea, is very lively. There are a lot of things to do and places to go in Seoul, like multiplex cinemas, pubs (in Korean or Western style), disco clubs, restaurants and more. Some areas are more popular then others in terms of nightlife:

Hongdae, near Hongik University:

Apkujong Cafe bars in SeoulThis is the most popular nightlife hotspot for Koreans and Westerners alike. Hongik University has the most important arts department in Korea, therefore the area around Hongik University is full of arty bars and cafés and, at night, there are many pubs, disco pubs and nightclubs. In Hongdae you can listen and dance to any type of music: there is a lot of underground music, but also dance/electronic music, jazz music, Latin American music, hip hop and rock.

Apkujong, Seoul in South Korea:

This is the richest area of Seoul and a very popular hot spot for nightlife. However, while Hongdae caters more for students, Apkujong caters more for young professionals, as prices here are higher than anywhere else in Seoul. In Apkujong you can find classy restaurants, wine bars, dance clubs and theatres.

Itaewon nightlife in Seoul

this area of Seoul is very popular with foreigners, especially westerners. Itaewon is not very popular among Koreans, so it is not the best place if you want to meet locals. However, it is good for expatriates who once in a while need to feel a little bit more at home. In Itaewon there are several international restaurants (including Italian, Thai, Egyptian and others), nightclubs, disco pubs and pubs (especially Irish). Some parts of Itaewon can be a bit seedy, but you will be ok if you go to the right places.

Gangnam nightlife

This area of Seoul is very popular for shopping, cinemas and restaurants. Gangnam is very busy until the late evening and there are some places where you can go dancing or drinking after your evening meal, but for a big night out people usually move to other areas of Seoul like Hongdae, Apkujiong or Itaewon. (Read about the best hotels in Kangnam).

In Asia, Bangkok nightlife and nightclubs can also be outstanding and quite interesting. There is a certain vibrancy in som countries that one does not experience back home. We also greatly enjoyed the nightlife in Dubai during our one week stay in the United Arab Emirates. If you are Korean and heading to the States on yoru own holiday, there is some great nightlife in Las Vegas, with a number of clubs on the main boulevard and Downtown.


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