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Other nightlife entertainments in Seoul, typically Korean

In addition to clubs and bars, in Seoul, like in other South Korean cities, you will find other forms of night entertainment that are typically Korean.

Very Korean are norae bang (rooms for singing), the Korean version of karaoke. Unlike in Western countries, Apkujong Cafe bars in SeoulKorean karaoke does not take place in big rooms with a lot of people listening. Instead, Koreans sing in places called norae bang; these are establishments with a few individual rooms for singing. These rooms or norae bang are equipped with sofas, microphones and a screen on which music videos are displayed, subtitled with the songs’ words. In norae bang, or Korean karaoke, it is possible to choose between Korean, English, Japanese or other Asian songs. Koreans love singing and they often go to norae bang with their friends, or sometimes alone if they just feel like singing and relaxing on their own.

If you are hungry or feel like drinking late at night in Korea, then every Korean city has pojang macha, also called by foreigners soju tents. These are open-air stalls with a few tables, which sell soju, local beer (like Cass) and anju (Korean snacks) and you will of course find the Korean speciality Kimchi (Kimchee). Pojang macha are covered by a plastic tent. In winter, the side of these plastic tents are pulled down to cover the sides of the stalls and heaters are lit, so customers can stay warm. Pojang macha (or soju tents) are an important part of Korean drinking culture and nightlife.

Other things you can do at night in Seoul or in other Korean cities include shopping (some malls in Dongdaemun Market are open until 5 am); going to a jjimjilbang (Korean saunas that open 24 hours); going to a PC bang (PC rooms, where you can play video games or surf the internet. PC bang are very popular with Koreans and some of them stay open until late at night) or go and watch a movie in a DVD bang. DVD bang, literally DVD room, is a place where you can rent a movie on DVD and watch it in one of the rooms provided. DVD rooms or bang are equipped with a sofa and it is possible to buy soft drinks.

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