Korean Saunas, Spa and Jjimjilbang

Saunas are very popular in Korea and they are popular places for Koreans to go and relax. There are mainly two types of saunas: mogyoktang and jjimjilbang. They both offer Jacuzzis, showers, dry and wet saunas, but jjimjilbang also offer snack lounges, PC rooms and relaxation lounges and they are open 24 hours a day. The PC rooms, snack lounges and Korean hot tub and spaother facilities are in common for men and women and people wear a bathing suit or bathrobe, while the proper sauna facilities (Jacuzzi, steam rooms, showers, dry saunas) are in separate segregated areas for men and women and no bathing suits are allowed.

Korean saunas or jimjilbang usually have excellent facilities, such as many types of hot baths, of which some are made with clay, ginseng or green tea. There are also different types of saunas and afterwards it is possible to have facials, body scrubs (in the Korean tradition bathers scrub each other’s back with special sponges, but in some places there are also beauticians available) and massages (traditional Korean massage is called Ji-ap). Also, typically Korean is a kiln sauna, called han-jeung-mak, which is a heated stone dome with a small low opening. The most popular and exclusive saunas and massage centres in Seoul are located in areas like Myeongdong, Itaewon and Apgujeong.

Korean hot spring resorts

In Korea there are also several hot spring resorts, with all the sauna facilities, like steam rooms, Jacuzzis, hot baths, dry saunas and also natural hot spring pools. In addition, these centres include an amusement park, in order to entertain all the family while the mother is having her treatments.Interested in Korean and world spa?

Some Korean hot spring resorts with amusement parks are: Asan Spavis, Icheon Spa Plus, Sorak Waterpia , Bogok Hawaii and Danyang Aquaworld.

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