Teaching other Languages in South Korea (Part 3)

Teaching Italian, Spanish, German or French in Seoul, South Korea

If you are not a native English speaker and you would like to teach a language in South Teachers and students Kangnam SeoulKorea, there are still some possibilities. They are not as many as teaching English and the job will be paid less, as other European languages are a niche market in South Korea. However, it is possible because Koreans nowadays travel and study more and more abroad. Many Koreans for example go to Italy, France or Germany to study opera singing, which is very popular in Korea, or travel to Italy to study fashion, design or cookery. When seeking to teach European non-English languages such as Italian, German, Spanish or French, it is very important to live in the most affluent areas, such as Gangnam or Apkujong in Seoul, because this is where most private language schools are. Also, it is very useful to get the right contacts within your expatriate community and those Koreans who have something to do with your country of origin. If you are lucky, you can even get a job teaching in a university.

TEFL Korea - Teaching as a Foreign Language in Korea

English is the most requested language in South Korea. In order to teach English in South Korea you must be a native speaker and hold a valid passport from an English speaking country. If you are American or Canadian you will have more possibilities, as Koreans prefer to learn American English. However, if you are British or Irish you can still find a good job teaching English in South Korea, as long as you do not give up at the first refusals from schools looking for an American accent.

Teaching Chinese and Japanese in South Korea

Other languages that are very requested in South Korea are Chinese and Japanese, because of the frequent business contacts that South Korea have with China and Japan. However, probably you need to be a native Japanese or Chinese speaker in order to teach Chinese and/or Japanese in South Korea.

Further tips and suggestions on teaching languages in South Korea.

Foreign teachers are not expected to speak Korean although learning a few basic words will help you enjoy your stay in Korea, more.

  1. Do not hand your passport to your employer if they ask it. Your passport must be kept with you and several embassies sites have a warning on this.
  2. Usually the process of employment in South Korea goes smoothly, but there have been cases in which teachers have not been paid or have been cheated in a way or another. It is better to always be careful and, if you have any problems, you can contact the Seoul Help Centre for foreigners (https://shc.seoul.go.kr/), recently established by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
  3. If you need any further information, a site which is very good is the Canadian Foreign Affairs website (https://www.voyage.gc.ca/main/pubs/korea-en.asp#Types). This gives very good advice to foreigners who want to teach languages in South Korea, which is not valid only for Canadian citizens but for everybody.

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